National Motorcycle Safety Fund
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Do your part to build a stronger, safer motorcycling community.

The National Motorcycle Safety Fund (NMSF) is a charitable organization created in 1980 to supplement the work of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. By supporting the NMSF you are supporting highly developed programs designed by motorcycle professionals. These programs are part of the lifelong education of both riders and other roadway users. We target the most important areas that truly make a difference in rider safety.

With the ever-increasing popularity of motorcycling, there are now more reasons than ever to get involved with the positive growth of motorcycling as a sport and mode of transportation. Before riders choose to get involved with motorcycling, we strongly encourage them to understand that motorcycle safety consists primarily of risk management through the rider's knowledge and skill. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) endeavors to make motorcycling safer, and more enjoyable, by ensuring access to lifelong quality education and training for current and prospective riders, and by advocating a safer riding environment. The MSF is not a government agency - it's a not-for-profit educational foundation established in 1973 that provides an array of services to the riding community.

Your contributions make a difference.

One hundred percent of your contribution goes to work for the National Motorcycle Safety Fund - none is lost to cover administration or other related costs. Here's a small sample of some key programs you'll be supporting:

Assisting in the development, production and distribution of educational materials on riding responsibly and the perils of riding under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.
Producing and distributing rider-awareness public service announcements, seminars and videos aimed at educating car drivers on the importance of noticing motorcyclists.
Developing and distributing on- and off-highway riding tips booklets and other materials.
Supplying helmets and other training materials and aids to rider-training sites across the nation.

The NMSF is a 501(c)(3) charitable association, self-governed per Article IX of its Articles of Incorporation and supervised by the NMSF Board of Trustees. An acknowledgement letter will be sent as your receipt for federal income tax deduction. Ask your employer about matching your tax-deductible contribution through a matching gift program.

We're motorcyclists working for motorcyclists.
And we need your help.

As individuals concerned with traffic safety, we want to see a significant reduction in motor vehicle crashes. Wouldn't it be great if more motorcycle riders could take hands-on training courses, and more automobile drivers saw motorcycles in traffic? You can help achieve this goal with a tax-deductible contribution to the National Motorcycle Safety Fund.

All contributors will be acknowledged on the website. Donation opportunities are available at these levels:

Basic (under $25) Premium: website acknowledgement
Bronze ($25 to $249) Premium: zipper pulls and key chain
Silver ($250 to $999) Premium: The MSF's Guide to Motorcycling Excellence book, and a recognition plaque
Gold ($1,000 to $4,999) Premium: The MSF's Guide to Motorcycling Excellence book, The MSF Guide to Group Riding kit, and a recognition plaque
Platinum ($5,000 and up) Premium: The MSF's Guide to Motorcycling Excellence book, The MSF Guide to Group Riding kit, the MSF's Riding Straight module,* and a recognition plaque

Help protect vulnerable roadway users. Support the NMSF today. Click on the Donate link, above, to make your contribution.

*A note on MSF kits. 1. Group Riding contains a Facilitator's Guide, video, and handbooks for a class of 10. The program covers ride preparation, standards for organizing the ride, and proper formations in traffic. 2. Riding Straight contains a Facilitator's Guide, video and interactive Fatal Vision® Simulator Goggles. It can be used by anyone conducting general motorcycling or impaired riding events. 3. Common Road contains a Facilitator's Guide, video, and handbooks for a class of 10. Materials are directed at motorists and provide a driver's eye view of the special needs of motorcyclists.